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2011-11-03 11:38:44 by XELAPA

{[I just want see your smile]} was download 500 times!

Just awesome, I never think it could be possible =3

Thanks all, thanks Newgrounds, I'm motivate for make better song!

PS : You can find this song here : /295577

Don't forget to check my last songs ^^



2010-01-24 12:55:13 by XELAPA


You remember my firsts song? Yes?
No? You're right, they are so baaaad!
Now forget them and listen the songs of the second part of 2009. /264874

This is the first good song I make. It's not great but not bad I think.

All of my next song is better than of {[In the start sky V2]} so go listen! ^^

My 2 last song : /306499 /306501

I want your opinion on these 2 music please.

And for the end, I think it's my best song today : /295577


A new member!

2008-06-08 11:08:49 by XELAPA

I it said a time for very: I am French, so I use site of translation to write in English. It is for it that certain will think it will be strange or poker. I posted my first musics, I know they are not very well, but if you could post a maximum of comments to say to me that you think of it and say to me what I must correct to ameliorate them, this would help me a lot!